Rug Alterations?

I have an area rug 10' x 7' about 4 years old...I have purchased new furniture and moved things around so the rug is now too big for the area i want it...but I like it still....does anyone know a place to cut a rug?!!!!! I would want about 3' shorter....I don't think of design would be lost......thanks to all..


take it to a local flooring company... most flooring companys have people that put binding on the edges of the that being said cutting the rug is no problem and easy to do but most flooring companies have a special sewing machine that will sew the binding on it....... it also cost on the average 2 bucks per linear foot so it can be expensive...............
Aug 23, 2017
Rug Alterations
Aug 23, 2017
Check with specialty carpet outlets. Cutting would be easy, they would have ideas on who could put a binding on that end.
Aug 23, 2017

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