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Samsung PN50A450 TV hooking up speakers?

I have a pair of nice cabinet speakers hooked up to my old TV, and am wondering if they'll work with my new TV.My new TV is the Samsung PN50A450, but the speakers are older and have the red / black wire connections instead of the newer Red / White RCA cables. I don't know where to look to see if my new TV has the 'old' kind of speaker connection I really don't want to have to buy a receiver or anything to be able to hook up my speakers to this TV.


Sorry, you have to.
The speakers should have a way to connecting them both together. When you figure that out (sorry, can't help you there), plug the audio speaker wire into the audio part on the back of the TV. Just match the cords to their colors. If you can't hear anything, you didn't plug in the wire.
Samsung Pn50a450
You'll need to purchase an amplifier. Those RCA inputs aren't newer, they are different. Regular speaker wire requires an amplified signal to drive the speaker. RCAs are line level, so they don't amplify the signal. This is not an old speaker connection, it is the only speaker connection. RCAs are used to hook up devices like dvd players or cable boxes, not speakers.

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