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Scared to ride bike on the road, how to avoid getting hit?

I just got a road bike but too scared to ride on the streets of the suburbs.


well in the future dont trust the internet to give you fast answers but if you are really worried buy a small fire exshingusisher (yes i know its spelt wrong) and keep it in the room but you should really call the company of the heater you might be able to sue or they might give you a new heater..and the link that says my source isnt really a source i just wanted to get the word out about it
Ask this in the auto section of YA. I hate the wear and tear speed bumps put on the underpinnings of cars. This town loves speed bumps and so do mechanics.
First of all, you should have a fire extinguisher near by. This is your first line of defense. Water wouldn't be the smartest move being as this is powered by electricity, we all know what happens when you mix those two. As far as a blanket Believe it or not, but a cotton blanket would be your best choice. Only for a small contained fire though being as this would only starve the fire or oxygen. You should also have a smoke detector with a built in Carbon Monoxide detector in that room by the way. Your windows should have a way to be knocked out in a case such as this. Should be a latch or some means of doing so if not, knock it out. Buy a fold down latter that you could hang out your window for escape. Biggest thing, dont panic. Stay calm and under control. And remember, the biggest killer is from smoke not the fire itself.

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