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Serious question about Rio de Janeiro safety?

Okay, so no jewelery or flashy watches, no fanny packs (Hello, I'm wearing plain clothes to fit in and this is my fanny pack!), take the taxi, keep an eye out, try to be around or people, try to get around with a friend if you're bringing one. Easy. But I'm wondering:1.) If I'm in Copacabana, Leblon, or Ipanema, is it still as dangerous? Even in these upscale neighborhoods, I still can't go about shopping, in Ipanema for example, and be more relaxed?2.) There's a jogging/biking trail running along those beaches, right? When I'm jogging, will I still be a target? Assume I obviously won't be jogging with an MP3 player or anything.. just shorts, socks,shoes, what's there to rob?3.) So there's the Parque Nacional De Tijuca in Rio. And they have trails. Will I be a target to get mugged, also? 4.) In general, if I'm outside of Rio, Sao Paulo, and Salvador, is crime rate still high?5.) How do I go about actually taking a photo?


Kay what type of question is this ? First off if someones breaking into your house under normal circumstances wouldn't you like , i don't know, call the police ? And second off , you shoud have a security system and you should be taking pictures of the footprints and open windows with fingerprints just in case there is something worse that will happen in the future ( Not trying to scare you ) But frankly, the second i see that stuff show up , i would get the police to your house to swab for fingerprints on the window etc . But if theres nothing missing are you sure it isn't like your , kid if you have one, or sister , or brother , or parents or husband or watever doing so ?
You are confusing force and energy. Force applied through a distance is work or energy. Say that the first arm pushes the ball through a distance of 1 m with one Newton of force. The arm does a work of 1 Joule. This energy comes from the first battery. At the other side, the arm absorbs the energy from the football and then supplies that same energy back the other way. Instead of a second robot, there could have been a rubber sheet that was stretched across the room. It would be stretched by the ball and then it could push the ball back the other way at the same speed. So there would be one Joule initially and there was one Joule in the ball as it returns to the first side.

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