shedding carpet?????

hi!i just got a new carpet about 2 weeks ago.i have to vacuum every single day.little balls of the carpet like shed, and they are everywhere!is there anyway to stop this from happening?and will it stop eventually?thanks.


Hi, okorder /
Yes it will. In my room, the carpet I'm sitting over right now, used to shed like crazy! It's been about a year and it hasn't shed in several months. Time will fly by and you just need to be patient. If you really love it, it will be worth it.
Very common in a staple type carpet.. It will go away after a while.Only a continuous filament carpet will not do this.. There should have been a label on the back of the samples you looked at and they usually stated this.. Mine did in my store
all new carpets do this,and you aren't supposed to vacuum them for 2 weeks

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