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Should I be concerned about this?

Okay so, I was walking past my bathroom and looked into my parents room, the bed has this indent in it, around soccer ball. The spot was warmer than the rest of the bed, and I couldn't remove it, as every time I tried to move the covers, it felt like something was on it. The indent was in the mattress too, not just the covers, as the bed was made and everything was flat. I'm not sure, but I think I saw a second one disappear as I went in? What is happening with the bed? And now as I am typing this I keep getting phone calls that leave incredibly loud messages of a dial tone for about 5 seconds. The number is 0000000000000 anyone care to clarify that?Also; a couple of nights ago, my mom said her bed was making this nose like it was falling apart and was vibrating somewhat. The night before she woke up to her door being wide open, when she sleeps with it closed.


Yes, there is a possibility of a piece of torn paper blocking the feeder like Laid back mentioned, but more than likely it is a problem with your paper pick/feed roller. This roller can be dirty from paper or room dust, worn down smooth, or old, dry and hard. Alcohol usually doesn't do a good job of cleaning and does dry out the rubber more. You can try cleaning it with some warm water and a clean cloth, but the best thing would be to replace it. Yes, there is rubber roller restorer fluid available, but sometimes difficult to find. Try searching the internet for the rejuvenator or the replacement roller. The part number for the roller is: RB2-3912 I've also included a couple of websites below that show how to replace the roller. Good luck.
Lol - that's one of the reasons I burned mine in 1979. That snappy thwack just had to go.

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