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Should I put a rug on him?

I'm taking on a rescue horse that my friend rescued. He has rainscald and I was wondering when turning him out should I put a rug on him? Because there so many diffrent answers also can you put louse powder on them? Also he ginger and I need a name really want it to be unqui :) thanks


ugh rainrot as i call it sucks:( My horse got it really bad one time, i agree with the below answer i would not put a rug or blanket over him the scabs need to dry out and get air to them a rug would just keep in all the mositure in. There are types of shampoo and cleaning supplies that are ment for that. While he has the rainscald i would highly recommend keeping him in a stall or barn if it is raining out, water getting to it will only make it worse. If it is a nice sunny day let him out so the sun can get to it and dry it out, once the scabs are dried out you can try brushing him to see if any loose ones will fall off, it will just take some time and attention before they all go away. best of luck!
Aug 23, 2017
He would be best with no rug on as long as the weather is dry. The bacteria that causes rain scald can only survive in moist conditions so it's best left open and dry. Wash him in hibiscrub occasionally and dry him off fully, hopefully the scabs will then come off. If he must go out in the rain then put a lightweight rug on. Why do you need to put louse powder on him anyway? He shouldn't need it. No offence but you sound very inexperienced with horses. Make sure this horse sees a vet, then find someone experienced to help you look after him. Looking after a horse is very hard work.
Aug 23, 2017
I would not put a rug on him. Only put him out if the weather it nice and dry. Putting on a rug will only help the bacteria out. You should not need to use the louse powder on him either. As for a name how about Ozzy or redd, romper, ernie, pokey, charlie, or just to throw people off you could name him blue. LOL
Aug 23, 2017

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