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Should I replace the heat exchanger on my 1996 furnace or replace it?

My gas company red-tagged my furnace due to carbon monoxide leaking, because of a failed heat exchanger. Should I get the heat exchanger replaced for $1000 (parts and labor) or just get a new furnace for about $3500?The furnace is a 1996 Tempstar 90% efficiency model.


go to an ultra efficient variable speed system w/a brand name like carrier or Bryant or lennox, add a air source heat pump. 96-97% furnace a 18 seer a/c to make a terrific dual fuel system, and laugh at those opec countrys let em eat their oil and gas..
It isn't that old. I'd replace the part and keep the furnace.
particular, this is a Goodman one hundred,000 btu unit with a three ton blower tension, 80% useful whilst new. a sparkling furnace set up must be $2000 + or - . this is beneficial to shop around. additionally, in view that all furnaces now incorporate a 20 year guarantee on the warmth exchanger, this is beneficial to envision with Goodman...you will prefer the serial quantity which designates the month/year of mfg.
You didn't say if your A/C works off of this unit or not, if it does I would replace the unit as you could repair the heat exchanger and a year or so down the road your compressor could go out on the A/C. Plus I'm sure they have more efficient units now, however before making a decision check to see if the heat exchanger is under warranty, if it is get it fixed...otherwise replace.
The heat exchanger is probably under warranty. Check with a tempstar dealer. There wouldn't be any reason to buy a whole new furnace. You will not gain much in energy efficiency. For more info check out the furnace page at my source.

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