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Should you put more insulation than needed?

You know how you put one roll or one piece of insulation between one wall and the other what if you sqeeze in another one? what will happen is it recommended is it discouraged? what about a thicker layer of purple spray insulation? Will it be easy to keep a room cool/warm?


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The insulation itself will give you both it's R value and it's thicknessIf you use the proper insulation for the depth of you wall cavity, that is ALL you should useIn other words, using an insulation made for 2x6 construction in a wall that is 2x4 construction will NOT give you better insulation valueIt will be worseIf you have 2x6 construction and put in insulation for 2x4 construction, you won't get the full value of the insulation since there is more air gapIf you put insulation for 2x4 construction into 2x6 construction, then add a second layer, that wound be better than just a single layer but still not as good as using the proper 2x6 construction insulation layerPutting in more by squashing more in is not goodIn an open attic, adding more on top is fine, but not so in walls that have a definable depthUse the correct product for the space you haveAs for the spray foams, they to should be applied to the proper depth and not compressedTheir advantages include the total coverage they supply and the fact that you do not have to add a vapor barrier over themMaking the layer thicker is ok only to the point that it has totally filled the cavityAnything more than that will be a waste of material as you will have to remove some of it just to get the wall covering (sheetrock or whatever) flush with the studs anywayAl

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