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Silencer For Exhaust System?

I‘m looking for a full exhaust system for my 99 Honda civic. I‘m gonna replace the headers as well with performance headers. As we all know 99% percent of all civic on the road with aftermarket performance exhaust sound like ****. Whether we are man enough to admit it most of them do but I‘m looking for a little more performance. I‘m looking for something that will sound ok with a low town to it but i don‘t want that loud noise everyday of my life so is there an exhaust system i can buy with an optional silencer. Ive heard of them but idk if they actually work and where i could get something like this. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!


You don't. There's no way to do that without putting excessive stress on your bike. It's a stupid idea anyway
3rd gear 1/4-1/2 throttle, when you hear the cords cut your license plate in half. that's well done.
The HKS Hi-Power has the option of a silencer and I think they sound pretty good.
Check out super trapp. They're adjustable.
what you see on tv it is on tv sure you can do it just do a burn out but things can happen hold front brake with a finger give it gas til it pops and hope you dont bust something besides tire

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