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Sims 3 - Will a locked door keep a burglar out?

I'm currently playing the Apocalypse Challenge adapted for TS3; if you haven't heard of it, it's basically a separate set of rules you enforce for yourself when you play the game. Essentially it makes things harder. To lift certain rules, you need to reach the top of each career path, and a restriction for the Law Enforcement career is that you can't A) Call the 'Emergency' tab on phones, or B) Use any type of alarm, including fire sprinklers, burglar alarms, etc.I haven't figured out why yet, but my particular lot has already been robbed twice. It's fine now when I don't have anything of value, but soon, things will become costlier to replace. If I lock my front door for every Sim except my household Sims, will the burglar still be able to get in? I realize that in real life, that's exactly the point of burgling someone, but video games are obviously a little different. Anyone have any experience with this?Thanks for the help!


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You are looking for mod podge - maybe you could find it closer if you know what you are looking for is a water soluble glue, sealer and finish used for decoupage. Another brands is Royal Coat and hopefully you will be able to find something a little closer to home. Sometimes hardware stores carry a small section of these kinds of items for working on furniture, look in art supply stores, home decorative departments of Wal-Mart - hobby shops. Since white glues are still kind of soft once dry, they can be scratched later though or absorb moisture from the air in humid situations and become kind of cloudy. So many people like to add a coat of clear water-based polyurethane (hardware store, etc.) on top of their final coat of dried decoupage medium/glue since it's very tough and more resistant to those things. (In fact, polyurethane can be used instead of white glue form the start if desired). An occasional substitute is 1/4 part water to 1 part Elmer's glue. Paint the paper and let dry thoroughly - or - spray with a number of very light coats of polyurethane varnish. Then continue with your resin work. It won't be as good - but outsider's usually won't notice. Good luck ??? I hope this helps ??? Happy New Year 2011 ??? Please vote! ???

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