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so do your horses like there rugs?

i have two ponies,, [its winter here]the Arab x welsh dosint care Ive only had her a little while i introduced rugs to her, but she defently seams more comfy wearing one and not as tired because she dosint have to bother keeping herself warm [shes in bad shape slowly gaining weight :)]and my shetland pony has been known for her rug fights :D she was an rescue loves her rugs very funny, she has a zillion rugs all for her :) even tough summer she will fight me for the rugs, she will grab onto it with her teeth and play tug of war [i dont tend to pull i wait until she's giving up]i really shouldn't of introduced rugs to her but she loves them :) she wont rip her rugs takes extra special care when going tough the gate entirely different when i put a saddle on gt;.gt;what about your horses?


My thoroughbred gelding, Booey, loves having all his rugs on except one. We won a woollen one for Champion Hack at a show once, so i use it to throw over him while he is tied to the truck at shows. if he doesn't have a cotton one on underneath, he will rip it off and stomp on it. He must find it itchy or something, i only hand wash it in wool mix same as his stable rugs but he HATES it. Maybe the other horses tease him about it and he is embarrassed?LOL.
Aug 23, 2017
one of my horses can't stand them! He has some way of flipping out of them, and we have tried many differents blankets on him, and finally found that he can't get out of a full-neck one haha. hes a qh and my other horse, a tb, loves his!
Aug 23, 2017
I have 3 T.W. mares. two dislikes them. but my youngest thinks she pretty looks forward to having hers on!
Aug 23, 2017
my colt loves hive blankets! he likes the big thick fuzzy ones, but i dont put them on unless its pretty cold, because where i live it doesnt get that cold. (thankfully!! :) ) either way he doesnt mind them :)
Aug 23, 2017

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