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Steven Stone in Silph Co.? Soul Silver?

I dont see steven stone in Silph Coi defeated Red in Mt silver i got the other starters and chose squirtle and i went to Silph Cothe elevator is down so i got a rotom and notihngs up there the oonly pppl down staris is the receptionist and the guard where is he?


I was having the same problemeveryone says go to the pokemon fan club in vermilion and then when you leave steven appears the truth is, you have to go to saffron and find the pokemon copy cat girl (her house is in the row of houses to the top left of silph co.) she will say she lost her clefariy dollThen go to the vermilion fan club and talk to the fat guyHe will give you the doll when you leave steven will tell you about latios/latias (depending on your game) then go back to silph coand he will be there and ask you if you had stones in front of you which color would you pick which obviously is how you choose the hoen starter (red-torchic blue-mudkip green-treecko) and make sure to return the girl's doll for a magnet train pass[EDIT:] I forgotmake sure before you talk to steven at silph co1 you have one space in your party and 2 you save before you talk to him so you can reboot if you want to get a female or if you are really determined, a shiny.

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