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Stupid husband sofa or bed?

Right my husband and i watched the rugby world cup only to lose but i fell asleep....i went to bed intent on my husband joining me for a bit of fun ...but instead he came up 1 hr and 30 mins later by which time i was asleep and woke me up hoping for some sex. now i thought why not but i was so cross with being let down i couldnt be bothered now im up and bored watching tv do i sleep on the sofa or go back to bed.I am thoroughly peed off and hes at work at 6m so no chance to make it up for a whole day ideas ?? He let me down big style, made me feel unwanted..


So despite in case you're no longer working 2 am to flow to mattress is somewhat plenty you are going to could desire to come lower back to a compromise. a million. positioned some ear plugs in and something over your eyes 2. Any movie positioned on after 10 PM ought to be interior the residing room 3. at nighttime all electric powered instruments are close off interior the mattress room 4. Get the toddler an alarm clock and instruct him a thank you to arise interior the morning. truthfully, you do no longer artwork so he expects you to artwork around his and the toddler's time table. He additionally expects you to cat nap (been there carried out that- i want MY SLEEP). clarify to him that besides the certainty which you may desire to cat nap after stated toddler is going to sleep yet you're nevertheless no longer getting your 8 hours and it impacts you in yet in a distinctive way. He basically would not get it.
Your pathetic maybe if you told your man that you want to have some fun before bed you would not have waited so long. Why blame him I beleive if he was aware that you wanted him in the sac he would have been right behind you. Come on give the guy a break why do you ladies think men can read minds. If we could do you really think we would ask for sex know we would just wait for you to think about it?. Come on cheer up be all sexed up for him when he gets home.
Oh your troubles are so small...........(you can see my prob soon) OK men 1=sport(national/team pride) 2=wife(a partner/lover) the poor guy is after a terrible night England get to the final what an acheivement and lose, he is p'd off, he probably sat up going through the game ovr n ovr...... then he goes to bed hoping for some fun to pick himself before work in the morning AND BANG he has just lost again.... i hate arguments going on for days, go back to bed give him a kiss a cuddle n tell him not to be late home from work.... do you know what i mean :)
You should have kissed him passionately and taken him -by the hand- to bed with you. Try not to act so childishly... Don't be offended, but you should know most men need more than hinting some times. Tell him exactly what you want him to do to you, how to do it, and when you want it. Don't make such a big deal out of nothing and go right now to bed to your husband, hug and kiss him, and if you want sex, well, who cares if he has to get up at 5:00 A.M. Unless he's 50 years old, he'll appreciate having some good sex tonight...
what a jerk to do this to you ,you don't have to put up with this and i hope you don't the . the sofa i don't think so i think he should be in the back yard with the dog

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