submarine project?

its my homework i need to make some kind of model submarine that floats for 30 secondssinks for 30 secondsthen comes back up for 30 secondsits due tomorrow and its 11 at night so i cant go anywhere to get anythingplease help!!!


Most garbage disposals have two pipe/tube fittings. The smaller one is for intake from the dishwasher, if any, about a 5/8 OD tube sticking out a few inches. You can get a universal multi-sized adapter to make that work. if using it, just make sure you remove the knockout plug in the unit (read the instructions). The bigger pipe goes on the side where the two bolts go, generally a 1 1/2 OD tube (NOT 1 1/2 pipe, which is bigger) - this is the drain to be connected to the rest of the under-sink drain pipe. Depending on your overall installation, you may need a garbage disposal elbow that makes a fairly sharp 90 degree turn down from the side of the machine, or a straight-out tube - used for more than this, and called a tailpiece, available in several lengths. Just get the long one (12), as you can cut off what you don't need. Either way, also make sure to have that special fat, slotted gasket to pop on to the flanged end of the elbow or tailpiece where it bolts to the machine. (This makes more sense in a good hardware store.) Since you're replacing a previous machine, rather than a completely new install, you're almost done. Just stay with standard kitchen 1 1/2 OD stuff all the way.
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