swaddling baby?

Hi everyone!If I swaddle a young baby and place him between his little support / positioning device (to avoid rolling and sids etc) would he then need another blanket over him too? Or is the swaddle enough warmth by itself??


Maybe you could bring some type of Mexican candy if they sell it where you live
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Well it depends on how cold it is where you areWe are in winter here in australia and I would be putting my baby in warm pyjamas, a warm swaddling blanket and then tucking another blanket around himSometimes having that extra top layer blanket helps to keep the warmth in the swaddleI have my normal doona on my bed with an extra blanket over the top to keep the warmth in so you basically do the same for a baby but add one layer if its really cold Just see how he goes and if you go in his room after he is asleep and just feel the air temperature and his face, if he feels cold add another blanket but tuck it in well so he can't get it over his faceIf he is cold he will wake up and let you know about it!

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