i just started using tampons today, and i was reading the instruction thing and it said not to use if not needed so you get a better chance of not getting TSSbut most of the time when im asleep i get really heavybut sometimes i dontso should i use one to sleep with just incasee?


Call a specialist, they take air and particle samples and look at them under a microscope, their report should state what kind of asbestos and hazard rating.
Tampons themselves are bad for the vagina because the prevent normal vaginal cleaning functions, leave fibres within the vagina, give bacteria a pores environment to multiply in, absorb discharge drying out the vaginal walls and in the case of commercial tampons introduce chemicals into your vagina, and in turn bodyThere are two reasons why tampons should not be used while you sleep; 1.Tampons should ideally be changed every 4 hours, most people sleep between 7 and 8 hours, thus increasing the risks of toxic shock syndrome and vaginal infections as the longer the tampon is left within the vagina the longer bacteria are kept in the vagina and the more the bacteria will multiply 2.Tampons don't just absorb menstrual flow they also absorb discharge, when you are asleep you are lying down so gravity prevents downwards flowing menses, thus the only thing left for a tampon to absorb is dischargeDischarge also acts to keep the mucosa moist, without this moister vaginal splitting occurs meaning more bacterial growth and easier route for toxins produced by bacteria when toxic shock occurs to enter the blood stream At night you should ideally use pads, padded panties or use a period blanket, you could also switch to menstrual cups, there are internal like tampons however do not carry any risk, environmentally friendly, cheap, body-positive, hygienic and only need to be emptied every 12 hours so they can be worn while sleeping (they can also be used before your period is due or during light flow) Edit: TSS is rare but no where near as rare as people make out, and it is also not something you only get when you leave tampons in for too long, tampons no matter how long you use them for significantly increases your risk of TSS, that risk is then greatened the longer you leave a tampon in for due to bacterial growthTSS is also far from the only risk associated with tampons.

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