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The dog adopted a Moose, help!!!?

My housemates and I have a little 3 month old Moose living in out house right nowOur friends uncle asked us to take it when they didnt have room for him at the animal sanctuary after his mother abandoned itOne of our dogs randomly adopted him and he followed her in the houseNow we're kind of stuckWe we're originally going to take care if him in the shed, but our goat torments him relentlesslyHe has a leg injury that is healing but he insists on following the dog around, as they are now inseperableHe was constantly knocking over the hamsters, so we had to move themThen he scared the s out of the parrotWe had to get rid of the house plants, because he kept eating themHis latest interest is trying to snuggle with the cats, like the dogs doWe are going to have him for another month at leastWhat do we do?


Wow, you guys have another moose? Why didnt you ask me? I actually have an idea hereJack likes to change where he sleeps sometimes anyway, and sesily sleeps in his room wether he's there or not, right? When he cant handle the moose, why doesnt he stay in Johns room? John isnt gonna be home untill late july, yeah? Spray the plants with bitter apple spray, put the hamster table in the laundry room, and put a puppy gate in the hall off the right of the living roomthat will keep peace with the parrot and keep the moose from surprising JackThere isnt much you can do about him going up the stairs if hes following Sesily, serves you right for teaching the dogs to use the elevatorJust block off the top of the stairs so he cant fall down them once he's up thereJust make sure he doesnt get into Silver's room!

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