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The dormitory clean instant noodle bowl?

I'm in the dormitory to eat instant noodles bowl is buy instant noodles bowl, eat well much oil, give an easy way to clean clean


Use toilet paper first dry oil with chopsticks (ha ha, no dirty hand), then use detergent wash under running water. Instant noodles prince said this works
With detergent, silk ball. Brush with silk ball into the water after clean. Another is to use same method alkali wash.
To boiling water, put the toilet paper in a wipe, wipe off oil, and then use boiled water wash with respect to ok Or detergent
Find a need not plastic bags (the most common, the sort of) is soft, brushed his bowl first, then use detergent to wash would be much better, as long as a little detergent, but also can save a lot of water, also not so fat.
Pour in hot water, put some detergent, the bubble rainbow noodle bowl is usually sealed with a cover on it, cover shakes, you have a look at your bowl again, ran a lot of oil, and then wash it more good to wash...

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