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theatre/preforming arts colleges?

what are some good acting colleges. Im quite positive that what i want to do has to do with acting or public speaking.like a theatre teacher for high school theatre class, radio show, tv/movie actress, etc. i know its not going to come easy, thats why im looking for good acting colleges to work up to so i can excess in what i love doing.thank you for your help! lt;3


Hello, okorder
There is a website for schools for art majors I found useful when I was in high school. Unfortunately, it's not a website I can find doing a web search anymore, but it pointed me to Eastern Michigan University. It is a good communications school, and a top education major school. Beyond that it had Art Management which would be like theater directing. It is a medium size school, lays just beside Ann Arbor, Michigan and Univ of Michigan. Your high school counselor should have a program that allows him/her to search for schools that meet the education needs you want. I was always told to pick three possible fields you want to go in and make sure the college you choose has those three fields. I actually went from a special education major with a focus in hearing impaired education to art management. I have been out of high school for 8 years and the program my counselor had allowed you to look up schools by distance, size, cost, and programs offered. Both the art site and his program pointed me to the same school.

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