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Time travel questionPlease help?

If you could enter a time machine, would you venture back in time and warn the dinosaurs of their impending doom in hope that they will have the will to survive?


No, but we should probably warn time travelers to avoid their doom… what I mean is most people overlook the fact that Earth is constantly moving along its orbit around the sunSo even if you only traveled back a day the Earth wouldn't be in that same spot you're traveling toYou'd just appear out in the middle of nowhere in space and die(Sorry.) EDIT: Oh, well wait, you didn't say there was plutonium involvedThen you'd be fineGive it a go, I want a pet pterodactylEDIT 2: It wouldn't result in a paradox like Paul said, just an alternate timeline, dimension, or reality (haven't you ever watched sci-fi?)Then we'd certainly have dinosaurs here, because since we built the time machines, they'd build the inter-dimensional bridging technology.

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