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Tool presetting method in hob grinding

I have not heard of the operation of grinding hob, I would like to ask you, the friend knows, please explain, the more detailed the better, thank you for a friend here.


To use a special hob grinder, first open the power supply, install the hob, can not be used to open a nut tightly - hydraulic hob spindle extends to the hob and grinding wheel center line and then stop motion - wheel hob spindle will fall into the hob flute, to deep point, - Rotary hob, hob front the knife surface attached to the wheel surface, light, rake face and wheel plane is better - tighten the pressure of hob with nuts -- well, can the grinding hob.
First of all thank more than two friends here, sharpening is not convenient, the price is Wuliubaiyi, want to put the tool grinding their own modifications, dividing head for dividing. We are tipped gear hob, front tooth surface misalignment, like 7 degrees, the specific degrees I don't know. I also want to ask whether this kind of knife and grinding wheel are right or right
Just the front of the knife Clamping, positioning, special tooling and procedures, see the equipment will understand. When the machine tool is regrinding, after checking, it mainly detects the non radial of the rake face, the accumulative error of the chip groove and the axial deviation of the front cutter surface.

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