Transmission change?

How much would it cost roughly for a transmission change from auto to manual?


the engine won't be louder, but it will make the engine appear better looking if you get the chrome or polished intake tube. as for horsepower. it really depends on which kit you end up with, KN claims up to 22 on some application others are generally from 6-18, you more than likely won't notice it anyway.
engine wont be louder you might here a little hissing sound thats it and horsepower maybe 2 if your lucky
although auto to manual is the cheapest and easiest you are askin way to vague of a question. it could range thousands of dollars depending on the vehicle you have.
about 650 or 800, because you have to change the shifting and add a clutch, so if you find one that will not rip you off it should be, 200.00for the transmission, 200 for the clutch and 100 for the shifting, after that it should only bee about 150.00 for labor. whats the year of the car and model type too, that also depends
Depends on your car. Example, if you have automatic shifter on the steering wheel, you have to make a hole for the stick shift. Usually the manual transmissions are cheaper. In USA, for old vehicle I can buy a manual for about $50 to $150. But if you get a manual, you would want to put new converter, and new clutch in it. You may need to get another driveshaft done. But depending on the vehicle and someone else doing the labor, the cost may run from $300 to $600 includes parts and labor. This depends on price of parts too. But the high end is more realistic. This is considering you get a used transmission and have a small garage to do the work. At the dealer, you can triple the costs.

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