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transmission valve body location?

i have a 1995 nissan pathfinder with a 4 speed transmission and i need to clean the modulator valve and it says its on the valve body but can anyone tell me where exactly that is and maybe where i can find the modulator valve


Usually on the side of the transmission is the modulator but if it is inside like said, make sure you don't open the valve body. Things will fall out and you'll curse yourself.
once you drop the transmission pan then right there is the valve body ! it has several bolts in it so i doubt you have to drop it ! the modulator valve is probably on the outside of the transmission ! if it,s inside the transmission you better let someone else change it because you could lose tiny bearings if you drop it ! how do you know it,s the modulator ? if it,s not changing gears it could be the filter clogged up !
It's inside the transmission. If you don't know what you're doing, then don't mess with it or you'll end up worse than you are now. Hire a professional mechanic to do the work.

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