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Trapped in NYC????????????

Just curious to know if you ever feel quot;trappedquot; in NYC.The feeling that you know you can't really afford to buy a nice home ,at the same time can't really quot;give up your apartmentquot; because a good deal is hard to come by.And god knows how to find a rent control place is almost impossible.Everything seems SUPER-HUMAN!!Also the love and hate thing,where u know NYC is awesome(in it's own special way) and at the same time so sick and tired of the quot;all-drainingquot; RAT-RACE?????


Lived in NYC most of my lifeWhile I don't knock it for those who love living there - and I'll always have some good memories of the city - I felt trapped and I didn't like that feelingTold myself I had enough of the frantic pace, crowds, ear-splitting noise, pile drivers, cranes on top of buildings, trains that suddenly go out of service due to mechanical trouble then zooms out of the station, packed trains, breathing car and truck exhaust I ended up commuting-and I have no regrets because I loved the fact that I was leaving the city behind for the countrypeace and quiet.

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