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truckers, what's the most dangerous turn you've made in your rig?

i saw a semi rig make a close turn almost hitting a traffic lightthen had to back up a little was without hitting the traffic light that was behind himthen pulled up ever so slowly going forword trying to not hit a few street signs, and a construction signthe trucker managed to get through that turn, but had a bigger obstacle as the intersection ahead was halfway closed off because of constructioni was walking home the other direction, so i didn't get the chance to see if the trucker made it through that spoti did see him trying to make the other tight turn, but unknown if he got through.truckers i'm sure you've all had such big dangerous and difficult turns, how did you all manage to get throughmy hats off to you all how have to driver though such dangerous trips.


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I drove for Yellow Freight(YRC now) before I became disabled and the most dangerous turns were always at the BNSF rail yard in FTWorth TexasMaking any turn there is bad because there are so many other drivers running up and down the tracks looking for their trailer and not paying attention to their surroundings(Trains, other trucks, hosteling buggies and not to mention the crane picking up the trailers or containers off the trainIt was even worse at night.

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