turnout rug problems?

could i turn my highland out in winter with a summer turnout/sheet with a rambo fleece underneath ( best fleece on the market ) because hes a highland i dont want him caked in thick heavy turnouts. i just think a summer turnout would be enough to keep the snow off his fleece which is really what i want. i will only use this method on snowy/frosty days.


Yeah maybe. But the thin rug may rip easily if he rolls on frosty ground and catches himself, or the snow may melt in the middle of the night and the water will seep through the rug and soak the fleece. You would be better off buying a proper turnout rug. Just use a old summer sheet and see if it works, if not, buy a turnout rug. Good luck! x x :)
Aug 23, 2017
I think you can use a summer rug with a under rug that can keep him warm, if the snow melts in the middle of the night and the water wont soak the fleece. I bought a waterproof and durable HH summer rug for my pony, and I used it with a under rug. Also you can buy a proper turnout rug.;)
Aug 23, 2017

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