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Upgrading my first guitar?

My first guitar was a Silvertone SS10 CitationI have other guitars but I always wanted to upgrade oneSince this one was cheap I thought there would be no harm in trying to upgrade itDoes anyone know if the bridge, nut, or tuning machines are worth keeping? If not, do you know of any replacements that will fit?I was thinking about getting the pre wired dg20 pickguardThoughts on that?


Looking at it from the repair standpoint, anything that comes off a guitar is worth keeping - you never know when some guitar will come along that only needs that part to be playableLooking at it from a player's standpoint, frankly, the only way a Silvertone would be worth upgrading is if you could get the new parts freeUp to you if you want to do it for fun, but bear in mind that you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, and the value of the guitar when you're done will be the sum of the collection of (now used and worth half their original cost) parts

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