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Viscose Rayon area rug?

I am looking to purchase an area rug. I finally see one that I love. It's made from viscose rayon. Would that be a mistake to buy. It's very reasonably priced. I have no intention to buy a $500 rug anyway.


You can secure it with double sided carpet tape if you are concerned about creep. The home improvement centers sell it and it works very well to secure the area rug I have under my dining room table. Viscose rayon would indeed be a good choice in an area with chair traffic, food and beverages. It won't hold stains or smells like wool does, will be easier to clean than silk and is better quality fiber than nylon. If the flooring that it is going over is hardwood or ceramic tile, you can also purchase a non-skid underlayment that will protect your floors and stop creep. Go for it and enjoy!

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