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Want to buy a house in Hornsby, NSW, SydneyHelp plz.?

I am looking to buy a property in the Avanti building (88-90 George St, Hornsby, Sydney)Would like to know from people what do they feel about the area, how secure it is and how is the building? I have heard first five floors are commercial and the rest floors are residentialHence a bit sceptical about securityMy partner and myself are looking to buy our first home hence want the best.Please help.


Try to find out if it has elevator security meaning only residents can access residential floorsHere's the thing though, Avanti was done by Meriton and they are NOT good developers and tend to do things on the cheapI know I would never buy a Meriton apartment - they've got a very bad reputationI looked at a place in Mosman and was about to make an offer and then found out it was a Meriton so I spoke to some of the residents and they warned me offThat place was worth around 500K in 2002 and is now worth around 550K which is not a good appreciation and is not in line with the market in generalI don't want to be negative but thought you should be aware of this aspect if you have any more questions, you can email me via my profileI currently work in real estate marketing (while am finishing grad degree).

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