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Was Rachel Corrie a terrorist?

Didnt Rachel Corrie have the blood of Israeli children on her handsIt is time to stop sanctifying Rachel Corrie. Rachel Corrie came to Israel to help Arab terorists murder Israeli women and children.She died trying to prevent an Israeli bulldozer destroying an Arab weapons depot. Corrie entered a war , as an accomplice to terror and mass murder, and her own records show her as a hate-filled fanatic.Think of the innocent Jewish children targeted by terrorists , with the willing help of Rachel Corrie. Corrie was no more innocent than an SS officer killed during World War II. In fact her aims where the same as the Nazis-to kill innocent Jews!


Those who terrorise little kids and their mothers in war and peace, those who bulldoze others homes in lands that they lived in for thousands of years are.. Those who are racists are .. and those zionists are .. those who occupy others grounds and take their homes and lands are .. those who left their original homes to take others homes are.. those who prevent people to worship their God and practise their religions are.. those will burn in hell.
The woman (I wouldn't deign to call her a 'lady') laid down in front of a bulldozer where the driver of said bulldozer could not see her. She killed herself. And to no advantage. She must be nominated as the patron saint of know-nothing idealistic idiots.
Rachel Corrie was a peace activist that lost her life trying Peace-fully to deffend the Palestinians against israel terrorism......as did many peace activists......Some of them lost their life too. She died trying to prevent an israeli bulldozer destroying an Arab Palestinian home.......There were MANY Rachel Corrie in Warr II ........that helped the Innocent Jews from the ss.nazis
The only thing she had on her hands was a loudspeaker through which she tried to convince the bulldozer driver not to demolish the Palestinian house before he ran over her twice "accidentally". Do you think if that house was a weapon depot, Israel would use a bulldozer to destroy it? Well, those IDF are either too stupid or very bad liars. My dear friend, it is time to stop reading Hasbara, it causes terrible affliction of the mind.
Your question is embarrassing to me, and hateful. 1. I do not believe Rachel was a terrorist - she was naive and misguided, but I believe she had good intentions. Her death was unfortunate and sad. The people she died for were happy for her death, as it caused problems for Israel. They could not care less about her life. 2. Israel did not kill her on purpose, it was an accident. She put herself in front of a gigantic, armored bulldozer, in which the poor driver has very little field of view. She was clearly depending on the Israeli policy of never killing civilians on purpose when it can be avoided. She miscalculated and payed the heavy price.

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