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Water heater in detail Electric water heater is divided into water storage type and instant heating type

Water heater in detail Electric water heater is divided into water storage type and instant heating type


Instant solar partnerInstant heating type solar companion is a solar water heater with auxiliary heating the hot water heating device, applicable to all kinds of solar energy, with air, gas heating, electric water heater and other places using water bath, wash or water heater in the kitchen as a separate. In solar energy, air energy and water heater, due to weather, season, water quality and other reasons, the water temperature is not up to the required temperature when people, auxiliary heating, hot water is more convenient, to achieve a real sense of energy conservation.Quick heating electric water heaterAdvantages: hot water heating speed, hot water capacity. Is the storage type electric water heater to excessive heat type electric water heater, combines the advantages of both, the waiting time of no water storage water heater so long, generally 15 minutes or so, have set aside 4 square line, speed electric water heater is generally between 3~5 kilowatts, 2.5 line enough.Disadvantages: preheat 15 minutes earlier before taking a bath.
Classification of thermoelectric water heatersWater heater can be divided into: multi gear electric hot water heaters, constant temperature electric water heater, kitchen Po, thermal electric wash treasure, the hot tap solar companion, electric heater and other types. Multi gear electric hot water heater is to adjust to adjust the heating power of the water heater, generally 7 stalls, 3 stalls for general kitchen Po, wash treasure and electric faucet generally 1 to 2 stalls.Constant temperature instant heating electric water heaterConstant temperature electric water heater is a heater in the water flow and change of water temperature and supply voltage conditions, the electric water heater temperature constant can keep the water temperature and the set of users.
Electric water heater is divided into two types: water storage type and instant heating type (also called fast type). The storage capacity of water storage electric water heater is 30L, 40L, 50L, 60L, 80L, 90L, 100L and so on.Advantage:Installation is simple, easy to use, free from the influence of gas floor pressure difference, more and more users preferred.Shortcoming:Large volume, take up space; take a bath before the warm-up, wait for a long time; easy to scale, it takes a year descaling. Electric water heater: advantages: hot water fast, only 3 seconds; the amount of hot water is not restricted, can continuously supply hot water; small volume, exquisite appearance, convenient installation;; how much electricity how much water, less energy consumption.Disadvantages: high power required to reserve at least 4 square wires.Heating system is the key to the safe and efficient performance of the instant electric water heater. Water Leakage is the core technology of leakage heating electric water heater to solve key, anti electric wall, line control system safety testing, leakage protection and external leakage protection switch also played a certain role, but more is palliatives. While the modern demands for home appliance safety is to achieve 100% home safe, so how to solve the instantaneous heating system Water Leakage, leakage, scale, dry fire safety problems such as priority among priorities in the electric water heater industry.

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