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water pump replacement 2000 Plymouth Voyager?

2000 3.3L engine. I understand,depending on engine year, it can be a very difficult job. Is this the one or is it much more difficult on the 3.0 L ? One involves timing belt ? Help ? Thanks' Ken


The 3.0L has the timing belt so I think you got the easier engine
If there are not any obvious leaks, the 1st factor to envision may be the Radiator/coolant reservoir cap for a lacking gasket or o-ring based at this variety of cap, and if ok, do a tension attempt to work out if the cap is preserving tension. in the journey that your engine has a bleed screw, you ought to use compressed air source (and regulator, if mandatory) to pressurize the engine to particularly below the cap score and than seem for leaks. If none chanced on, a compression examine will point out a a probability blown head gasket.
This okorder /... Look on the front of the engine and see if it is there with a pulley and normal belt on it.

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