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What are some things you should NEVER put in the microwave?

I just got a microwave,.tons of questions.like can I cook an egg in the microwave? What type of containers can I put in there (plastic, paper, glass, aluminum foil)? Anything I shouldn't ever do.please let me know:)))


You should never put in anything metal that didn't come with it unless it is designed for microwave use (like a turntable)That includes aluminum foil and jar lidsNo plastic unless you are sure it is microwaveableMelamine plates are not microwaveableMost recently made plastic and plates have information as to whether or not they are microwavablePyrex is excellentDon't use the fine chinaYou should get a plastic food cover to contain spattering and prevent cleanup You can poach eggs in a microwave and a special holder is made for this purposeBe sure to puncture the yolkI can see no reason for trying to cook eggs in the shell and it could create a real messOther egg dishes that are cooked in a pan should continue to be cooked in a panMicrowaves cook by increasing the molecular movement of water, which creates heatThat's why foods cook all the way throughFoods that have little water don't cook wellI think the best thing is that we no longer throw away leftovers.

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