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what are some ways to make a blanket?

Besides knittingI am trying to help the local animal shelters by making blankets, but CANNOT knitNo matter how many times it has been explained, i will not get it hahaSo would sewing fabrics together work? something simple like that.extra: what are some other ways I could help out animal shelters(I am only 13 so I cannot actually volunteer)


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Since it is for animals, yarn isn't the answerYou need to use Cheap fabric from Jo Anns or something and probably sew them togetherI recommend not using two layers and stuffingThere is a good chance that it will be chewed or the animal may go on itYou don't need to make anything special Other ways to help the shelter is to donate food for themBe wary to donate moneyMake sure at least 70-80% goes to the animals, and not the employees.

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