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What are the categories of advertising lamp boxes?

What are the categories of advertising lamp boxes?


(6) indicating lamp box;The billboard light box, also known as the billboard, shows that it can play the role of advertising. You can display your own products or services at the entrance of the Arcades Hotel, banks, hotels and other areas as billboards.(7) Rab light boxRab Aluminum Alloy quality profiles using light box making frame, four front opened 90 degrees and frameless side opening. The picture adopts high precision jet interior light cloth. Light source, tube and LED consumption is only 3W-6W, super energy saving.
(1) four sides open type ultra-thin lamp box;Four side open ultra-thin light box comes from LCD and LCD backlight technology. Four sides open, screen replacement takes only a few seconds, easy installation and maintenance. Uniform light, no ribs phenomenon, high efficiency, energy-saving, 70%-80% than traditional light box. Open the border material for flash silver aluminum alloy (other colors can do baking paint), the thickness is only 28mm, the border width 40mm.(2) milk tea lamp box;The utility model has the advantages of ultra-thin appearance, energy saving, high efficiency, convenient installation and maintenance, stable and reliable quality. The utility model saves more than 60% of the traditional light box of the same area, and the whole guiding light is even and bright. Aluminum frame, exquisite shape, light, a variety of colors to choose from; side width 40mm, thick 25mm.(3) ordering lamp box;The arc design of the ordering lamp box can better show the performance of the product; the special black aluminium profile baking paint frame. The standard sizes are 40*40cm, 50*40cm, 60*50cm, 75*50cm.
(4) crystal lamp houseCrystal lamp box: side LED design, uniform light. Transparent crystal box light box lit in the circumference of the frame of the brilliant luster imported optical grade acrylic material, beautiful appearance; thin: the thickness is only 8mm-10mm; LED source: more safety and energy saving, longer life, easy to change the picture; convenient installation: on the table, a variety of wall placement.(5) plastic lamp case;The plastic lamp box advertisement breaks through the traditional two dimensional expression technique, and uses three-dimensional modeling to activate people's space imagination, and has a strong sense of three-dimensional modeling.

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