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What are the units of a float flowmeter?

What are the units of a float flowmeter?


A float meter, also known as a rotor flowmeter, is a device for measuring flow by measuring the position of a rotating member located in a direct current pipe. It is a variable area flowmeter.
The units of the float are: kg/h or l/h.The unit of the float meter is usually marked on the glass cover of the float meter in the form of a scale
The vertical cone enlarged upward in a pipe under the circular cross section, the float is powered by a liquid under gravity, can float freely up and down in the cone tube. It moves up and down under the action of velocity and buoyancy, and is balanced with the weight of the float. It is transmitted to the dial through magnetic coupling to indicate the flow. Generally divided into glass and metal rotor flowmeter. Metal rotameter is the most commonly used in industry, for small diameter corrosive medium, usually with glass material, because of its fragility of glass material, key control points are also useful for full of precious metals such as titanium material for rotor flowmeter.

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