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What are these things called?

I don't know what they are. These red things are on the road. You see them in cartoons. And when you break them, water comes out. Their height is about your knee length. It's in the NATIONWIDE INSURANCE ADVERTISEMENT, except it's yellow.


I would guess you still can't understand why people think you are stupid either.
Nah the alarms aren't sensitive enough to pick up a cigarette from a distance. Smoke them out the window though, you don't want to leave the poisons floating around in the air for you and others to breathe in
That doesn't sound normal to me at all. How long has this been going on? Is it always extended, or just sometimes? I would be concerned with possible problems with scar tissue or something else directly related to his surgery. I'd either go back to the vet or else get a second opinion from a different vet.

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