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what branch of military is best for me?

I turn 20 in a couple weeksI only have like 7 college credits :(i want to further my education and lately ive been thinking military is the way to goIm trying to figure out what branch is best for meI want to do something either in engineering or Mechanical Im also very interested in science and i want to major in a science for collegeI took my ASVAB for the army a couple weeks ago and scored a 74 and a 126The recruiter said Im eligable for pretty much any job in the army branch that i want and also eligible for OCS with my scoresBut Lately everyones been saying if i want to do something engineer related or science related i should do Air ForceIm very physically fit and would like to be physically challenged which is why i like the army, But im also very smart and am thinking about my future and my best options as far as schooling and making money and advancing in the science areaAny suggestions?!?!?!?!


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