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what brand makes good bearings and trucks?

im looking for a good set of skateboarding bearings and trucks aswell, who makes like some really fast and good ones? and some pretty light and very sturdy trucks thx =)


bones makes the best bearings ceramics and Swiss 6 are there fastest but pretty expensive if u want a cheaper alternative bones reds aren't quite as good but only 10-$20 as for trucks, tensor makes the lightest about 25% lighter than an average one or something like that. But the bushings are very hard so u may want to swap them out. but they also have alot of features, a lower kingpin to make grinds smoother and nibs to make them more responsive. magnessium is easier to break than aluminum but aluminum bends easier and since tensor uses both itll be hard to break or bend them
the best available bearings are probably bone swiss supers they are amazing but are almost 40$ if you want pretty good bearings that arent as much try bone reds same company half the price and still amazingly good as for trucks i have destructo trucks but you should try maybe ventures or independence or tensors try getting medium hiegt though dont get low trucks they are harder to ollie with and dont give you much pop

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