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What cartoon Halloween movie is this?

Okay so the movie is about 2 kids a blond hair boy with glasses and a girl (I don’t remember how she looks), and the boy is a descendent of ichabod crane who was a big scary cat, and the boy was always scarredIn this movie the kids accidentally picked the headless horseman pumpkin from the patchAt the beginning of the movie a bully scarred the boy with some kind of remote control toy under a sheet or something like thatAnd there was a ghost trying to help them, and the 2 kids were doing some kind of project for HalloweenI know it is early to be thinking about Halloween movies, but it took me forever to find the name of the movie last year and then I forgot it againO ya and I think there might have been 2 guys in a truck chasing them because they hid money or something I the pumpkin and I think a cop was chasing them to the thieves to.


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