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What cat back exhaust system should I get?

I have an 03 Accord Coupe V6 and wanted a exhaust system. I‘m looking for a nice low sound and not those really loud nasty sounding ones when you rev. I was thinking of getting the greddy Evo2 system but I don‘t know.


The Greddy Evo2 system is a very nice set up, but it is also very loud, and since you have the V6 coupe that means you will have dual mufflers making it even louder. I am not sure of an aftermarket exhuast that would be quiet, so if not, at least the Evo2 is the best out of the loud ones. I own a 2005 Accord EX V6 coupe and am also looking for a cat-back exhuast that isn't overly loud and have not found anything yet. Good Luck and have fun with an awesome car!
Unless it's a V8 it's going to sound like crap. Don't waste your money your not going to notice any difference anyways,.

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