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What colour rug would go well with a blue/cream sofa?

I'm thinking a dark purpley magenta... or perhaps a shaggy brown rug might suit. Ideas?


I personally would go with a burgundy color..like a red wine...Never go with light beige colors, they are very hard to clean unless you clean them right away. Our home has fitted carpets and all of them beige, and one can see every little blemish. I like burgundy. I think it won't clash and it looks elegant...I think a shaggy brown rug will not do the blue justice and yes, if you are young and daring and for bold extremes, then I think a purply magenta could work. That will be a bold color scheme but it can work. Also make sure, that you either redecorate your walls or the rug and the blue cream sofa should somehow be in harmony with the color on the wall ..otherwise if you have too many different colors, (meaning the wall has a yellow paint, and the rug is purply magenta and the the sofa is blue cream, then I find that too much of a contrast..so check the walls and if they are white, I would paint them and maybe give them a nice color that could be a blue...Blue is very relaxing and a restful color and it depends in which room this sofa stands. A cream colored wall would also go with a blue cream sofa and a burgundy carpet...I would not get the cheapest rug. Look for a bargain but get something nice..but not too expensive. Look around in in antique shops for bargains..Maybe they have something suitable that is not too expensive..x
Aug 23, 2017
Hi Dragonfly, Either a white or grey coloured rug I recon ? Good Luck. Best Wishes. Mars Mission Soon In A Galaxy Near Yours.. Source(s): Studies..
Aug 23, 2017
Try 'caramel' as the color for the curtains, and get a rug which has both caramel and a slightly lighter red in it for the floor. You could get a lighter red for the curtains, but I think the caramel (medium gold-tan) would work better. You'll also need some totally contrasting colors, but I'd get those as plants, either living or 'silk' unless you like taking care of the plants.
Aug 23, 2017
Burnt orange.
Aug 23, 2017

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