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What do I have to do to make my sims in sims 3 have sex?

I heard you can, but I don't know how! Please Help!


The Sims 1: get them married then get one of them in a Vibromatic Heart Bed, then invite your other half to play in bedThe Sims 2 3: For the Sims 2 get your Sims in a very close relationship or married (married is also best but not needed in the later Sims games) then get them in one of a few places, then invite the other sim to Woohoo with you, you can do this by clicking on the other sim and picking Woohoo, this is the same with the Sims 3 aswell but the places you can do changePlaces you can WooHoo in the Sims 2: In bed In a hot tub In a changing booth In a Car In a photo booth In an elevator In a tent In a sauna In a hammock In a helicopter In a closet in the Sims 3: In bed In Military base In Theater In Science lab In City Hall In a tent In a Sarcophagus In a Time Machine In a Hot tub In an Elevator In the Celebrity Trailer In the shower In the tree house This is all based on the Games on PC none of the Console games although it is mostly the same on consoles just a tad different to do and the places change

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