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What do you mean by a pressure meter attached to a LP valve?

Brother bought a new liquefied petroleum gas pressure reducing valve, valve side connected to a pressure gauge, I do not know what it means, how to read, consult you


This table is the pressure gauge, is to show the gas cylinder gas into the valve when the pressure, the general can probably display of remaining amount of gas within the cylinder; at the same time also can be connected to the gas cylinders used to detect out there is no leakage.With the table type valve is usually the manufacturers in order to meet the needs of the consumers of the product, but with the table type valve to leak one more chance, if the quality is not good, especially the pressure relief valve spring quality is poor, the use is not only safe, is more like a time bomb, when threaten our lives so, try to use the valve function less, this is the most secure.
That's a good watch! Double insurance! Homeowners, you don't have to read it, as long as it's safe
The action is used to measure and indicate the magnitude of the pressure within the pressure product. Pressure products, if there is no pressure gauge, or pressure gauge fails, the pressure product pressure can not be expressed, thereby directly endangering safety. The pressure product is equipped with a sensitive and accurate pressure gauge, and the operator can correctly operate the pressure product with the pressure gauge to ensure safe and economical operation.The pressure gauge can accurately indicate the pressure of the steam in the pressure product. The operator can adjust the heating degree of the product according to the indicated value of the pressure gauge to ensure the safety of the gas supply and the safety of the pressure product.

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