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What do you think this dream means.analysis please?

I will write the dream below.not enough room in this arealol.


Since you didn't mention anything about how Becca might or might not think of you, the dream indicates wish fulfillmentIn other words, the events that occured in the dream are symbolic of what you desireBecause you are so enamoured of Becca, it will seem like there is no one else in the world (or room) but herThe fact that everyone is in their seperate cars, but the same car, means that you see them as being in their own seperate world, but that world is unique because they are all different from BeccaThe holding the elevator doors open is your waiting for her to make a move, give you some sign that she returns the affectionThe fact that she gets on the elevator, in your dreams, is your sign, which is why you feel the need to go to the restaurant at the topThe apex of your wish fullfillment is for her to pick 'you' and spend the rest of the night/forever with you, each feeling the same for the otherEarth Angel works because you are both 'high' in the air (the restaurant) and in 'love', but also both still firmly on the groundDreams involving others do not involve the person themselves, they involve our idea of them, our hopes, fears, dreams whatnotSo, the Becca in your dreams is just that, your dream BeccaWhether or not she actually feels that way involves talking to her when you are awake.

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