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What does it mean if you dream of being in danger?

Last Friday I had a dream my mom and I died in a elevatorLike it felled and crashbut on my grave it had someone else name on it n my mom name was on hersThan a few hours ago i had a dream that my dog was barking very crazy! it was a scary bark and my mom was like screaming at me to get into the house because that means someone is trying to hurt me n i needed to get in the house fast! and i ran into the house and i made myself wake up!!what do this mean? its freaking me out.


I learned about this is psychology class, falling dreams are really common, these dreams are indications of insecurities and anxietyThey also may be indicate that your waking life is out of control and relate to a situation in your life.Also a sense of failureIn this stage you may be experiencing some muscle spasms of your arms and legsIn chase dreams you are being chased by an attacker some sort of animal, monster or something who wants to harm youWhat you did in your dreams are actions in how you would respond to that in real life to deal with fears, or stressIt means you want to run away from the problem and avoid itThe dream may also be a projection of your own feelings of anger, fear, jealousy or whateverI also learned that we have nightmares to help us survive in the real world if anything like it ever happensAlthough I am not sure about the grave partI hope I helped somehow:)

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