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What happens when you preorder a video game?

Will it be shipped to my house or do I get a phone call telling me to go to the store to pick up the game? Please be thorough.


I hate all the covergirl and drug store makeup. I felt I could never find a mascara that worked great. So I decided to spend a little more on my make up. I found it lasts longer, actually lasts all day, and is better for your skin and eyes. My favorite mascara right now is blink and CK (Calvin Klein). Blink is great because the formula actually tubes your lashes. The mascara stays all day and is rub and water proof. However, it removes easily with pressure and water. This is my go to during summer months. The only downfall is it doesn't give me as much length as others, but it's not bad. CK mascara you can buy at ulta and it gives great length and volume! It does stay pretty good all day too. It is not waterproof but drug store mascara seemed to bleed giving me raccoon eyes after a few hours. CK mascara doesn't do that. And it comes off nicely with makeup remover. I have actually found my lashes look longer and fuller since I have started using better mascara.

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