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What if I shoot a burglar?

So I live in California and I have a small house right on the street with a small yard in front.My yard is completely fenced all the way around and is about 6 feet tallI have noticed the last few nights that people have been coming into my yard, stealing cigarettes, and leaving footprintsIf I catch this person in the act, I am allowed to shoot him?


Buy two clips of Ak-47 rounds and a AK-47 in the time when you think you are being robbed hide in a dark place in your house with the AK when the robber comes in throw exactly 5 bullet's at him Throw them don't shoot them then while he wondering whats going on run up to him with a bat and smack him on the head and knock him outonce his down duct tape his are and legs and put him in the basement of your house and interrogate him about 9/11 because he is probably an Aleda spy stealing from you for informationif he is not arab he is probably a Communist in this case paint him red and continue to ask him about 9/11 after he is a sleep from the pain strip him down and tie him to a chair and put him in a elevator with a sign saying I shot the Sheriff and i am russian/arab

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