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What in the world is gene translation machinery?

Okay, so I'm looking through my bio textbook (not ap) and I come across this graphic about the HIV virus. There's a strip of text that talks about how the virus replicates itself:HIV is equipped with the enzyme reverse transcriptase.........Using the cell's **gene translation machinery**, this DNA then directs the production of thousands of viruses.The thing inside the **s . What is it? Cells don't have machinery! Why does the book call it translation machinery?


It's talking about the complement of proteins used to copy the DNA and produce new viruses that are hijacked by the virus. Proteins are like little machines. They're the molecules that do everything in the cell.
Sep 27, 2017
It dopes your bodies Gene's into that Genes the Virus needs to survive and spread. All DNA has the capability of changing and is all Pre-Coded. You can understand some of the work by listening to Rhawn Joseph and the Origin of life and Gene selection
Sep 27, 2017

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